Turning the pages


The first draft of my first novel “Without Glory” is done.

What’s in the book? Distilling a story, one you’ve dreamed about writing for a while, down to one sentence is hard. This is what I’m using in my pitch…

“Two brothers, a military contractor and a Navy SEAL, must overcome a rift over their wartime roles after an ambush on the Iranian coast threatens to separate them forever.”

The horseshoes in this photo make me think of the luck I’m trying to make. It’s an image taken near Auburn, Calif., the home town of my protagonists.

Since finishing in early October, I’ve put in a few weeks of forced neglect, letting the copy cure. The hurt is over, right? Not even close. Now I’m refining what I’ve written with the help of family and close friends. I’m also hunting for an agent, which is like a reporter developing a trustworthy source.

I expect to put a few chapters on the site. Stay tuned.