Finding a way through the fog

Every day the November elections get closer, but the outcome of the race for the White House seems to offer America less and less certainty. That’s especially true for the defense industry, and the military itself. This is the new normal. Sequestration’s threat, for example, reveals a yawning gap in the functional political process in Washington.

Imagine driving at night in the fog and managing to hit the brakes just as you arrive at the rim of the Grand Canyon. There’s a void ahead, but no way to see where it ends. You just know you can’t drive on anymore, nor do you want to go back the way you came. That’s not unlike the situation today. All this makes sound decisions about what to do with the armed forces and the defense industry that much harder. The normal reference points are gone, politically speaking, as well as economically speaking.

In such a time, sound national security strategy and defense policy are under threat.

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