Remember When The Next War Started?

Remember when the next war started? Now you do.

If we were to describe one of the main missions of the Atlantic Council’s Art of Future Warfare project, it would be using stories to create those “Remember when?” moments about events that have yet to happen. About characters who have yet to change the course of history. Places that will be marked forever as the spot where stone and steel met to spark a global conflagration. Or the information void into which we will peer, seeking any sign at all that the human catastrophe of the next “Great War” might be averted.

Men like Army Maj. Morgan Maltz. Places like the Moscow Starbucks on Ohotnyy Ryad Street. Or the long pauses in the Pentagon briefing room punctuated by empty answers about what is really happening to U.S. forces in Estonia.

The project’s “Great War” war-art challenge called for journalistic accounts of the outbreak of the next major global war. They offer a tangible yet entirely fictitious way of thinking about the unthinkable.

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