Ghost Fleet Beyond The Beltway

San Francisco’s a perfect place to talk about Ghost Fleet. After all, some of the heroes of the next world war may hail from Palo Alto, whether they know it or not today. Remember, too, that Fort Mason in San Francisco has that name for a reason. Reconnecting this city with its martial past is no easy feat, particularly when the area’s rents and digital rewards so dominate daily life here.

Yet this two-hour radio interview with Burrito Justice was one of the most interesting conversations I’ve had about the book, the future of warfare, beer, culture and resiliency, sources of innovation, tactical aircraft design and, yes, the strategic relevance of burritos and taco trucks.

It’s well worth a listen as it is a discussion unlike any you will hear around Washington. It also includes music from our Spotify playlist.

Listen to the interview:

Next stop is Seattle, where I’ll be speaking at Town Hall on Thursday July 16 at 7:30 pm: