On The Air With On Point

In an era where most people carry a screen in their pocket, radio can be overlooked as a storytelling medium or a way to connect people. It shouldn’t be. The Serial podcast series proved that audio continues to have power, albeit a different kind of power than watching Mad Max: Fury Road in 3D. From my past daily news life, when you’re working in a newsroom, banging away on a keyboard, the chance to take a break and do a radio spot on a breaking story, be it for a national station or a local affiliate, is always welcome. It’s a conversation of contradictions: done well it’s intimate yet it is as public as can be.

The chance to talk about Ghost Fleet with John Donvan at WBUR’s studio for On Point was as good as radio gets. The hour-long interview explored some of the most important themes in the book around technology, ethics, motive and more.

Listen to the interview with NPR’s On Point.