Research + Imagination = Trust

Science fiction from Ray Bradbury, William Gibson, David Drake and Isaac Asimov, among others, formed the foundation of my love of books, and writing, at a young age. So working on the Art of Future Warfare project and the War Stories From the Future anthology at the Atlantic Council is like a kid’s dream come true with an adult’s understanding of possibility. A lot of readers peg Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War as science fiction. It has space pirates after all. The science or “researched realism” (which is this history major’s attempt at science) in the novel is an important part of the credibility when writing about the future, particularly when you want to get a reader to trust you.

“Research is about trust and confidence in yourself — and with the reader.”

Rick Liebling at the Adjacent Possible was kind enough to interview me about science fiction and the future of armed and social conflict, the Art of Future Warfare project and Ghost Fleet for an article at the Adjacent Possible.

“The horizon line for organized militaries and technology is more like a hazy dawn than a clear sky-earth delineation when it comes to the future of armed and social conflict.”

Read the Q&A at the Adjacent Possible.