The Book Pile


Earlier this spring I had the opportunity to visit Fort Benning in Georgia to discuss Ghost Fleet, imagining the future of war and using vignettes and narrative in the policy world. I came away with the mantra of “Ghost Fleet as a verb,” which was employed by the top general there to get the captains and lieutenants training at Fort Benning to charge up their official writing. Here are some of the books that I sent down after my visit to start a future-of-war lending library for the Commander’s Action Group, which functions as a sort of in-house think tank for the Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning. When I mentioned I was including The Profession in the book pile to Callie Oettinger, Steven Pressfield was kind of enough to contribute some of his most important titles, including The War of Art. These are some of the recent books that have made the biggest impact on how I think about the future because they focus on the human element — and how to write about it.