Art and Strategy

At the Atlantic Council 2016 Global Strategy forum on Monday, I’ll be talking with Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work about art, narrative and the Third Offset in a conversation tied to The Art of the Future Project’s recent short story and art contest on the promise and peril of man-machine, AI and other game-changing advances. The works by the contest finalists will help inform the conversation, which is the highest-level impact yet for the project’s crowd sourcing.

Award-winning writers Max Brooks and Ken Liu will also be speaking at the event about strategy and narrative — and signing books. Novelists and think tanks do go together.

Thanks to Daniel Y. Chiu for giving the project a central role. We’ll also have a design-thinking inspired idea wall for impactful films, games, TV shows and books to draw out the most entertaining and informative titles in order to produce a “must-read, must-watch, must-play” list for the project.

See the conference schedule and details.