Burn-In: Welcome To Keegan’s World

Just like that the future is here… Burn-In: A Novel of the Real Robotic Revolution is out today in print, e-book, and audio (which is a superb narration).

This year marks a decade since I left a career in journalism writing about the defense industry and other national security stories for The Wall Street Journal. Since then I have appreciated that the things we don’t do are as important as those we wholly commit ourselves to. This book is proof. And when we do push toward a seemingly far-off goal, especially a creative one, it is only possible with allies, friends, and family joining us. The difficulties faced along the way have been internal and external, the trade-offs real. But in a moment like this it all seems worth it, not just to have another title on a shelf but to earn a shot at changing how people understand their present and future lives through narrative.

What Burn-In’s Lara Keegan and TAMS have to offer us is a window into our relationships with technology and our future as humans in a world being reshaped by AI and robotics.

Buckle up and enjoy the book. If you can, please take a moment to give it a star rating at Amazon, Goodreads, etc. as it builds awareness and momentum. Algorithms, you know… we are already living in Keegan’s world.

Order here.