See the Future: Narrative-driven defense insight

America First? Defense exports in the Trump era

Understanding the Defense Department’s Third Offset Strategy (graphic)

Daily Telegraph

Here’s how World War Three might start

Four counter drone technologies we need now

When the Pentagon Comes Knocking: An Open Letter to Silicon Valley

John Scalzi’s blog

The Big Idea: P.W. Singer and August Cole


How to write about World War III

The uncertain future of the military industrial complex

The F-35: A case of unwanted competition (co-written with Joshua Foust)

The Atlantic Council

Event Webcast: Art and the Future of Warfare – panel with author David Brin and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 producer Dave Anthony

Defense Industrialist Blog: Productivity Before Platforms

The American Security Project

Overcoming Asymmetric Risks in Space

Event Webcast: Asymmetric Risks Panel Discussion

The Next Space Race – Competition

National Security and America’s Space Challenge

One Year On (After Bin Laden’s Death) Essay Collection: The explosive growth of the counterterrorism industrial complex

American Competitiveness Report: An Issue of National Security

Podcast: WorldBoston panel on American Competitiveness

Bloomberg Businessweek

For EADS-BAE deal to Succeed, Congress is Crucial

Small Wars Journal

Seeking the edge: Getting a handle on game-changing technologies in the national security community

AOL Defense

New Obama strategy looks misguided, predictable, underwhelming

Defense companies must do more than lobby against cuts

The Wall Street Journal

U.S. defense contractors eye ‘Smart Power’ work in Africa

Computer spies breach fighter-jet project

Hackers watching Predator video feeds in Iraq

Afghanistan contractors outnumber troops

Iraq case sheds light on secret NSA contractors

Unreported Blackwater civilian shooting incident in Afghanistan

Budget pressures force the Pentagon to choose: Boots on the ground or weapons in the sky?

Russia’s invasion of Georgia gives U.S. weapons programs a boost

Book Review – Suzanne Simons: “Master of War: Blackwater USA’s Erik Prince And The Business of War”

The HIll: Congress Blog

Defense industry, strategy at major crossroads (with ASP’s Zachary S. Miller)

The defense industry should seize the opportunity

Media appearances

Politico Pro, April 29, 2014: quoted on defense company strategy and consolidation

The Washington Post, Jan. 12, 2014: quoted on new crop of defense CEOs

The Washington Post, April 21, 2013: quoted on defense companies searching for new lines of business

The John Batchelor Show, April 3, 2010: “Smart Power” in Africa

To The Point with Warren Olney, Dec. 17, 2009: Insurgents hack U.S. drones in Iraq

PRI’s The World, March 2, 2009: New role for U.S. defense firms

NPR’s Day to Day, March 4, 2009: Defense firms shift focus to ‘Soft Power’

Lawmakers aim to lift veil on security contractors

Port Fourchon bears burden of hurricane

Reporter’s notebook: Negotiating New Orleans

Boeing’s biggest bet yet on defense

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