TV, Radio and Video

PBS White House Chronicle show on Ghost Fleet and the Art of Future Warfare project

Ghost Fleet trailer by Sam Cole

Google Hangout with writer and editor Shawn Coyne

Sword and the Pen podcast: Military Writers Guild

NPR’s On Point: The Business of Chinese-American Relations

NPR’s On Point: The Next World War Will Be Digital

The Economist: History of a Future War

USA Today: Ghost Fleet Authors Discuss Their Vision of World War III

SXSW Interactive panel discussion (audio): What Will Be the Weapons of World War III?

Atlantic Council Art of Future Warfare project panel: How to Write, and Fight, World War III

NBC KING 5 Seattle New Day Northwest: Chilling New Novel Forecasts the Next World War

Town Hall Seattle: Technology’s Impact on the Next World War

Google Hangout: Art of Future Warfare Discussion With Author Steven Pressfield

CNAS: August Cole and Pierre Chao on the Importance of the Creative Disruption project

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